• What's your nickname(s), age and location?:

    My name is AYM4N ,my nickname is ayman , i'm 15 years old , i'm live in palestine

    What are the most major and important parts of your MTA Career?

    its to big i really can't write it

    What other clans have you been in, and why did you leave them?

    Zero-Fear (member//left) reason: i was inactive

    Night DevilZ (member//left//) reason: closed

    Red-Project (member//left) reason: some problems

    D4MN' Die 4 Me Noob (member//left) reason: closed

    bA//bAbA//bA (leader//left) reason: closed

    Lc Lovers Challenge (member//left) reason: closed

    King Of Controls (member//left) reason: closed

    3R 3liteRacers SH (member//kicked) reason: asking for rights

    FZ' FuiroZGaming (member//left) reason: closed

    Sound Of Victroy (member//kicked) reason: -
    What are your current thoughts and expectations of our Community?)

    3R is good community & great clan too and i have friends

    What can you offer to bring towards the Squad/Community?

    i have sh skilles i can help in cws and i will help people as i can.

    Why should we select you over another applicant, what makes you unique?

    i want to help 3Rteam, helping people and i will be royal for the team and my behavior is good

    What are your current intentions of joining the squad?

    i will help people and helping 3Rshsquad in cws

    Contact Information: live: sh.ayman