Changes and Improvements

  • Changes and Improvements

    Hello folks!

    Clan Hierarchy
    One new rank has been added to the forum. It is now more flexible, and provides greater control over your roster.
    • Map Management - Able to manage uploaded maps

    Other Changes & Improvements
    • Forum has been completely re-built from scratch
    • New dark theme
    • More detailed information about members
    • New Join Request Format
    • Two new forum sections added
      • Graphics section
      • Modding and Scripting section
    • Map Uploader page is now responsive
    • Rules and Guidelines page is now responsive
    • Tons of fixes and optimizations across the forum
    • Two new user profile fields added
      • Location field
      • Discord field

    3lite Racers - Now stronger than ever!

    Development Section
    And More
    It's always a pleasure to see former members returning back to usMembers whose special abilities will help us deliver the best 3.0 out thereLet's not forget those ordinary, but versatile and flexible members as well
    • 3R//Wan[T]eD - welcome back!
    • 3R//SPK
    • 3R//Trayne
    • Bananovy
    • 3R//lion
    • 3R//Jaden
    • 3R//Snopic

    We sincerely hope you love these updates just as much as we do. We will always continue to work hard, and stronger than ever - 3lite Racers Administration