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  • [TRAINING] Weekly Results

    [TRAINING]The first week results!


    As you all know, I finally was able to create the Shooter Clan War Team. Its members are:

    We train every Saturday on the CW Room. The first training session has finished. Here are the results:

    |3R-L|xBrZ - Participated
    |3R-L|Tiago - Participated
    |3R-S|Skyler - Participated
    |3R|Tiven - Did Not Participate - Personal reasons, he announced me.
    |3R|Claw - Partially Participated
    |3R|Justor - Partially Participated
    |3R|Damian - Participated
    |3R|Flexin - Partially Participated

    Participated - Played 100% of the training.
    Partially Participated - Played 70-99% of the training.
    Partially Participated - Played 50-69% of the training.
    Partially Participated - Played 1-49% of the training.

    Did Not Participate - Played 0% of the training.

    Special thanks for helping:


    Shame on |3R|Rivel for not helping at all.

  • [TRAINING]The second week results!


    I hope you did not think that I forgot about the weekly results!

    Here you have them so you can check everything. If you think something's wrong just announce me on skype, everyone can be wrong so..


    |3R-SL|Tiago - Participated
    |3R-SL|Own - Participated
    |3R-M|Skyler - Participated
    |3R|Damian - Participated
    |3R|Zippy - Participated
    |3R|Justor - Partially Participated
    |3R|Flexin - Did Not Participate (Personal reasons, announced me)
    |3R|Tiven - Did Not Participated(Personal reasons, announced me)

    I hope that next time @FlexiN and @TiveN#! will be there to play too!

    Special thanks to |3R-F|RayZ @rayz and |3R|Natalie @Natalie for helping us and being there on time!

    Special thanks to Goku @Gokuz0r' for supporting and being there for us!

    Best regards,

    Your Clan War Manager, Skyler
  • Hello. All the shooter players have been waiting for these results. Here they are:


    |3R-SL|Own - Participated
    |3R-SL|Skyler - Participated
    |3R|Tiago - Participated
    |3R|Zippy - Participated
    |3R|Damian - Did not participate
    |3R|Justor - Did not participate
    |3R|Tiven - Did not participate
    |3R|Flexin - Did not participate

    Claw has been invited to the Shooter Squad. That's why he has been added to the Clan War Team too. Congrats @Claw

    Session #4, 1/22/2018

    Best regards,

  • Hello, 3lite Racers Community.

    I know that I haven't been posting the results for some days but I have a really good reason. Lately, the 3lite Racers' leadership was changed so we could not have any training sessions. Our training sessions will start again on 2/24/2018. You may ask yourself why we don't start it today. That's just because I want to solve the squad's problems first. After this we can focus on training. As you all know, a lot of members were kicked. Now we focus on pro team-working for our next Clan Wars. Here's the new Shooter Squad Clan War Team:




    We also have 3R//nafto and 3R//bagzi in our team. They will be added as soon as I see if they can help more than the guys mentioned before.

    Regards, 3R-SL//Skyler.
  • Hello. The Shooter Squad's leadership has been changed for some times. That's why we couldn't organize training sessions every Saturday. Last Saturday we had our training session #6. This Saturday we had our training session #7! It was awesome.
    #7 training was amazing. All I can tell you is that we played like a team, improved our team working. We, as a team feel better now. You will soon see our new Clan War activity. Thanks for all of you that came.

    Also, congrats @Claw for being the new Shooter Co-Leader.
    Thanks @lion20 for helping us and organizing a new Shooter Training Server for us!

    Best regards,

    Shooter leader, 3R-L//Skyler
  • We continuously have training sessions and CWs. Because some of our members left or were kicked I have to mention the new guys who compose the ClanWar team:


    Anyways, every member can be added to this team. It depends on his activity and his skills at that moment!

    Regards, 3R-L//Skyler